Every blog comes hooked up with:
  • a blog tweaked to fit your style

per month

  • a great looking site
    your choice of design, tweaked to suit you
  • managed content

per month


per month

  • everything you need to get online and start making those profits rise

per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how all this works? We've got you covered. Here's some answers to common questions. Still need help? Get in touch and we'll be happy to chat.

  • Do I have to sign up for a long term contract?

    Nope. Pixels for Hire was created to help businesses get a superior solution for the web without the usual big up front costs and commitments. You pay one simple monthly fee. That's all.

  • What happens after I sign-up?

    When you've chosen a plan and signed up, your information will be sent to Pixels for Hire. Within 24 hours, a friendly team member will contact you to begin the process of creating your new site. For more details, check out our How It Works page.

  • How long does it take to get my site up and running?

    Pixels for Hire is all about making the web work for you so we'll work hard to get your new website up and running as soon as possible (of course, we'll need a bit of participation from you as well). In many cases, we can have your new site ready to go within 30 days.

  • Do I get a CMS to manage my own site content?

    Currently, all Pixels for Hire packages are designed for small businesses who don't have the time or simply don't want to deal with updating a website. We manage all that for our clients. Changing some content is a simple matter of submiting a request. We handle it from there. That said, feel free to talk with one of our friendly representatives about customizing a package to fit your needs.

  • What happens if I cancel?

    We'll be sad to see you go! But hey, we know things change so if you ever decide that you no longer need your website, you can cancel your account at anytime. Your card won't be charged for any month after the current one. Plus, we'll keep your site in storage for a whole year, so you can change your mind and come on back anytime during that period.

Looking good never hurt either.

Pixels for Hire specializes in providing and managing solid, powerful tools to help your business succeed on the web. But, hey, who says you can't look great while doing it?

Our skilled, experienced designers will work with you to choose and integrate a look that suits you and your business. We'll make sure that your website aims to impress both in how it serves your customers and in presenting your business as professional and legitimate.

Staying hip.

Not only does Pixels for Hire provide you a great looking site to get started, we'll also make sure you can grow and evolve with the ever-changing Web. Every 12 months, all our clients are eligible for a design upgrade. This means that each year our clients can choose a whole new look-and-feel for their site, ensuring that they stay fresh and interesting for their audience. Too excited to wait 12 months? No problem. You can purchase an upgrade at anytime for a one-time fee.

Home sweet virtual home.

If you want to reach people, your website needs a home on the Internet. And, just like your own home, you want it to be solid and reliable, secure, and well taken care of.

Pixels for Hire can provide your site a home that is supported by our team's dedication and know-how. Plus, we take care of all the ongoing maintenance and technical stuff so you can get on with running a successful business. One more way that Pixels for Hire has got you covered.

You'll get your choice of one domain name* included in any Pixels for Hire package. We'll maintain and update this domain for you, as long as you remain a client. If you'd like any additional domains, we can easily add them to your account. All you have to do is ask!

Pricing & Options

.com .net .org .me .mobi .info .biz .cc .us .ca .ws Your choice of name*
(Ex: www.yoursite.com)
$29.99 /year
.co .tv Your choice of name*
(Ex: www.myshow.tv)
$49.99 /year

*Subject to availability.

They like me, they really like me.

Things are always changing, but some ideas remain solid. When it comes to business, word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful methods of creating new, loyal customers.

The Internet has created an environment where social interaction happens faster than ever. From blogs and forums to social networking sites, these tools can help businesses tap into the social media explosion to connect with customers and colleagues on a scale never before possible.

Plus, harness social media to create networks with peers, colleagues, and others that share your passion and interests. Pixels for Hire can make sure you're setup to join in on this ever-growing trend. So go on, make friends.


If you want to sell online, that's the sound you want to hear. Pixels for Hire can work with you to integrate a powerful e-commerce system to get your business rolling on the Web and help make those profits rise.

Pixels for Hire provides our clients customized e-commerce solutions based on the award-winning Magento platform. Check it out here to find out more.

The good stuff.

So you've figured out that you need a website, but what about the tools to make that site really successful? You've come to the right place.

Pixels for Hire does so much more than providing our clients with websites. We give our clients the tools to make their sites truly effective and successful. Plus, we back them up with our dedicated team of friendly professionals. Pixels for Hire is your ally on the Internet; we take care of the web, so you can take care of business.

We're just gettin started...

If you want to succeed, you gotta keep moving. Keeping your website fresh and interesting will help you keep your audience coming back. Pixels for Hire gives you a unique way to maintain and update your web presence: Building Blocks™.

Each month, as part of your account, we'll add Building Blocks™ to your Stash. Each Block lets you enlist the help of our talented team to do all kinds of stuff like updating your site's look, changing and tweaking what your site can do, and more. Use them all each month, or save them up for something special.

Using your Building Blocks™ is easy too. Just give us a call, submit a request via your Client HQ or our online system, and one of our friendly staff will help you figure out the best way to accomplish your goal and let you know how many Building Blocks™ you'll need.

Happy with your site the way it is? You can even use your Building Blocks™ to get rewards such as turning them in for a discount on your bill. One more way that Pixels for Hire helps you grow your web presence and your business.

Taking care of business.

One of the biggest hurdles for many people starting their new website is how to find the time to keep it updated and fresh. Also, they often have to learn how to deal with all the technical stuff associated with the site. Pixels for Hire clients never have to worry about any of that. We manage our clients' sites and their content, so that all our clients have a site that stays fresh, interesting, and well-maintained.

Every Pixels for Hire plan comes with Tweaks built right in. What are Tweaks? They're our simple to use system to let you change and update your site as you want, without dealing with the technical stuff. Here's how it works:

  • You decide you want to change some content on your site.
  • Login to your client HQ and click on 'Tweaks'.
  • Click the 'Tweak something' button and fill out the details.
  • Press 'Go'.

That's it! Once you press 'Go' we'll handle it from there. In most cases, you can expect to see your changes implemented within 24 hours.

Every month you'll get Tweaks added to your Stash so you can keep your site updated and fresh. Plus, if you ever want to do more in a particular month, you can always purchase an extra pack of Tweaks at anytime.

E-mail you can really <3

Does your e-mail fetch, do tricks, and bring you the daily news? It should. E-mail is a vital part of any business on the web, but why not make it do more than just send and receive?

Pixels for Hire hooks our clients up with the power of Google's Gmail™ to make your e-mail better. Google's stellar team is constantly supporting and improving their mail platform and Pixels for Hire integrates this powerful tool right into your own domain. Plus, you get access to Google's other sweet tools such as Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more, all as part of your domain (www.yoursite.com).

We're also going to set you up with an emergency backup email address. Often-overlooked, this can be a life-saver if anything ever goes wrong with your primary email account (such as someone compromising your security).

We're looking out for you.

Things can go wrong in the virtual world too, and if they do, you need someone that is ready to help right away. Pixels for Hire's system keeps your site under constant watch, alerting our team of technical issues needing attention. If anything goes wrong, we'll know about it right way, and begin addressing the issue for you quickly and effectively so we can get you back up and running.

Knowledge is power.

A crucial part of any successful business is knowing your market. Even if you're not running a traditional business, knowing your audience is key to being effective. On the web, it's vital to stay informed about your site visitors so you can learn how they think and what they want from you.

Once again, Pixels for Hire has you covered. We help you harness the power of Google's robust Analytics tool to give you access to a wealth of valuable data about your website visitors. Keep track of who's visiting your site, where they're coming from, what they're interested in, and much, much more. Plus, our team works behind the scenes to intrepret and evaluate this data, and use it to craft a more effective SEO strategy for your site.

Standing out in the crowd.

If you've got a great website then chances are that you want people to see it. Just like traditional business, if you want to be successful on the web, people need to know where you are and how to find you. One major piece of that puzzle is getting your site in shape so that it shows up on the major web search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

Also, search engine techniques change often and so do the technologies that make them work. A crucial part of crafting an effective SEO strategy is having a team to stay on top of changing trends in this ever-evolving field.

Daunting? Don't worry, Pixels for Hire has this under control too. We'll make sure your SEO is in place and stays fresh so you can focus on serving all those customers.

Real, live people.

When you team up with Pixels for Hire, you get more than just a website. Together with all the excellent tools and services we provide to help your site grow and succeed, we're also here for you every step of the way with top-notch support and client service.

From the first consultation, through the design and development stage, and beyond when your site is live and running, we're behind you 100%, providing not only support and technical expertise, but proactive advice and suggestions to help grow your business.

Whether you're having a site emergency or just need a friendly answer to a question, Pixels for Hire is always just a phone call or e-mail away. Plus, you can even request help anytime 24 hours a day through our interactive online support ticket system. Whenever, wherever, Pixels for Hire is here for you. After all, we want you to succeed as much you do.


Some folks like to get things done, hands-on. Pixels for Hire can integrate one of several popular CMS (content management system) frameworks to give you the ability to control and update all kinds of site content (text, images, etc) on your own.

But don't worry, even if you're into Do-it-Yourself, you won't be by yourself. Pixels for Hire will still be here to help.

Professionalism 101

Details, details, details. Sometimes, the details can make all the difference. When presenting your business online, taking time to sort out the details, like spelling, grammar, and composition, can help represent you and your business as professional and well put together.

Pixels for Hire has experienced writers who can whip your copy into shape so that it impresses and ensures that your message isn't lost.

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