Changing the game.

You need a website, email, and all the good stuff that goes with a solid presence on the Web. What you don’t need is a big bill and a lot of hassle and headaches. Good thing you found us.

Pixels for Hire gets you on the web with a solid, professional website plus all the additional features and tools to make the Internet work for you, with no long-term commitments and no big up-front costs. You get everything you need, plus a professional team to back you up, for one simple monthly amount.

we're in your corner

Put simply: we stick with you. There's a ton of great web design firms out there, but putting together a slick new website is just one piece of the puzzle. Instead of leaving you on your own with your new site, Pixels for Hire stays at your side while you launch and grow. We're behind you 100% with support, helpful advice, and the technical expertise to keep your site fresh and effective. Not only does this give your site a far greater chance for success, but it also frees you to focus your time and energy on what matters to you.

more than a website

Your website is a powerful tool for you and your business. However, did you know that making a website truly successful takes more than just the site itself? To really get the most out of a site, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Pixels for Hire makes sure your site is equipped to be a powerful tool for you and your business.

Pixels for Hire sites get:

no long term contracts

Pixels for Hire was created to help businesses get a superior solution for the web without the usual big up front costs and commitments. You pay one simple monthly fee. That's all. If you ever decide you no longer need your website, you can cancel anytime. We'll even keep all your information and your website stored for a year in case you change your mind.

no big bills

So you want to get on the Web but can't handle the big up-front costs of a professional website? We're your new best friend. Pixels for Hire was created to provide small businesses and individuals with powerful, effective websites without the customary heavy up-front price tag. You can get on the web for as little as $99 per month. Find out more here.

what's the catch?

So, does all this mean that we sacrifice good design or solid code? No way. Pixels for Hire is dedicated to bringing together talented designers and skilled developers with small businesses and individuals to create a powerful, flexible alliance to harness the power of the Web. Sound too good to be true? Work with us and we'll prove it.